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The Dagger and the Rose

I have written a fairy tale, The Dagger and the Rose which is available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as directly from my publisher, Clickworks Press.

The Dagger and the Rose is the story of aDagger Rose Covern adopted princess, a dark stranger, and a kingdom of masked souls. The king brought Iris into his castle when she was only days old, but on her sixteenth birthday she will be swept into an adventure which threatens to uncover or destroy her home, her life, and her very identity.
The Dagger and the Rose is a contemporary take on the great fairy tales. Illustrated in striking water colors, it evokes the wonder of the great bedtime stories.

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Hubris Towers

I also co-author the contemporary humor series Hubris Towers with Ben Y. Faroe. The Hubris Towers books are also available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Clickworks Press.

Drawing on great works of English Comedy like the books of P.G. Wodehouse and tHT all five FBhe show Fawlty Towers, Hubris Towers tells the story of a young idealist, Jimmy Acorn, and his experiences as the in-over-his-head concierge at Hubris Towers, a comprehensive luxury living and community complex. The complex is replete with a disapproving manager, and overeager bellboy, diversely eccentric tenants, a Russian janitorial crew and, or course, a breathtaking heiress.

The e-book edition of Episode 1: An Uneasy Interview is free through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Clickworks Press.

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